Bill Eager

I know the universe has plenty to offer; and I am passionate about teaching how to live an inspired and healthy life in a way that is both fun and meaningful.  I have had some of the greatest teachers in the world having studied for more than a decade with Inka, Mayan, Siberian, Dine and Lakota Shamans.  I am a certified Yoga Instructor, Yoga Nidra Facilitator and Reiki Master. My writings have been featured in Yoga Journal, Shape, Yogi Times, Tathaatsu and Wisdom Magazine. 

In addition to presentations at yoga studios & Yoga Journal Conferences, I help health, wellness and yoga organizations offer teachings that create a positive impact on individual lives.  I regularly lead workshops on shamanism, yoga and Yoga Nidra and have taught in the U.S., Europe and South America.


Ladamira is a shaman and spiritual healer. She hails from Siberia, Russia and is a ninth generation Slavic healer.  For over 20 years, Ladamira has practiced her craft of connecting female wisdom with shamanic traditions to provide transformative spiritual healing. She combines intuition with inherited knowledge of ancient shamanic practices and way of life to help empower people to lead a more wholehearted life.
Ladamira travels around the world to share her unique knowledge and perform powerful shamanic healing rituals. Through shamanic workshops and retreats, Ladamira has helped thousands of people access, and restore, harmony and balance in their lives.
Ladamira regularly returns to Siberia — where shamanism remains an important tradition — to reconnect with other respected shamanic healers and elders. She continues to deepen her knowledge and connection to the Divine, and helps her students and clients harness their potential for a healthy and fulfilling life. 

Diana Suemi 

Diana is a Slavic shamaness, spiritual business coach and international teacher and author from Moscow and is in the same shamanic lineage as Ladamira and Lilelle. Diana has helped women and men around the world, including here in Colorado, to find themselves, have harmonious relationships, open up to talents, release fears, rise up and regulate energy and obtain faith in themselves to become a strong and successful person in all spheres of life – health, relationships, business, spiritual and even to open super abilities.


Lilelle - Priestess of Siberian Slavic shamanism, healer, family and female coach, helps get rid of the disease, to restore harmony in the family, to attract the soul mate, give birth and raise healthy children, achieve success in business and just be truly happy. She is the heroine of the book "After Death". And founder of the international charity movement "Circler healing prayer".