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Employee health is key to success.  Three one-hour, interactive, online workshops are a powerful employee benefit that provide techniques to stay healthy and reduce fatigue. Leilani Raashida Henry and William Eager, two workshop leaders who have spent decades helping hundreds of organizations optimize employee health, happiness and productivity.  

Coronavirus hit the “RESET” button on normal work routines.  Many employees now find themselves spending extensive time online, in front of computers.  People who do not use computers are dealing with new safety procedures.  The result is additional stress, fatigue and illness.  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that stress accounts for 75% of all doctor visits. This involves a variety of physical complaints including headache, back pain, heart problems, upset stomach, stomach ulcer, sleep problems, fatigue and accidents.*

This series of three, one-hour workshops provides an educational foundation and specific techniques that can be immediately applied to reduce stress, eliminate the physical problems that arise with repetitive procedures or long  periods of computer/screen time and increase energy, enthusiasm and collaboration.  Participants experience a positive shift and have space to ask questions.

Discover the connection between breath, energy and emotions.
Practice techniques to relieve eye strain, lower back pain and carpal tunnel.
Learn to stay grounded and thrive in times of change and uncertainty.
Create a work space that supports positive, creative thinking.
Experience simple exercises to quickly reduce stress and increase energy.
Connect all parts of the brain for coherence, integration and learning.

LOCATION:   Online for your employees.
DATE AND TIME: One hour each. Time of your selection.
PRICE:  $25 per “seat” with a minimum of 10.     
TO REGISTER CALL:  303.674.2107

*US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, Life Event Stress and Illness.

Proof of Vaccination for Events

There is a lot of discussion right now about whether you need a vaccination passport to do certain things.... like fly, go to concerts or attend conferences or events.  I can not comment on the legal aspect, but I can say that an electronic vaccination passport or a proof of vaccination ID would help ensure for participants, especially vulnerable groups, that the event is safe.  Hopefully as we reach herd immunity this will become less of an issue.

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