Shamans In America

​Learn How Shamanic Practices Can Help You 

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Medicine Wheels, Crystals and Smudging 
You will learn practical wisdom that comes from ancient traditions of the Mayans, Incas, Lakota, Navajo (Dine) and Siberians.  Workshop leader Bill Eager has spent more than a decade working with elders, medicine healers and shamans in North and South America.  Teachings are woven into a dynamic workshop where you not only learn, but also experience the healing applications of this profound wisdom.  You discover how medicine wheels can provide insights about your individual journey.  We will explore the use of crystals, practice smudging techniques to clear both our bodies and our physical environments and conduct a four-directions ceremony to invoke new energy into your life and projects.
Participants will learn more about how through everyday interactions with the world we are either giving or receiving energy. The shamanic approach uses knowledge of the chakras, the four elements, and the spirit realm to help us understand all the influences we are being influenced by. Participants will gain understanding in how to diagnose where our energy goes and will learn practices to protect from negative energy.  Daily practices to keep our spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional bodies healthy will also be taught to ensure good energy is is able to flow to you freely. 

Shamans around the world practice ceremonies that allow them to access different realms of consciousness for the purpose of helping people they work with.  In particular, all Shamanic traditions respect and honor the natural world.  Elements of nature are used in most ceremonies, and often they are accessed as part of a healing ritual or even a healing medicine.